Govt. Funding for Cost Share Reductions…Is this about you?

My phone is blowing up with people asking about the most recent Trump order to not fund Cost Share Reductions on ACA plans. Please read this carefully so you understand if this effects you at all.

The so-called “cost-sharing” subsidies defray copays and deductibles for people with low-to-modest incomes, and can reduce a deductible of $3,500 to a few hundred dollars. Financial Assistance is still available to consumers buying individual policies; people with employer coverage or Medicare plans are unaffected by the dispute.

1. Do you get a Silver 73, Silver 87, or Silver 94 plan from any insurance Company via Covered CA? If yes, this action affects you. If no, this action does not affect you directly.

2. If you do get one of these specific subsidized plans via Covered CA, your renewal shows an additional 12% rate increase. HOWEVER, before you panic, because of the increased cost to your insurance, your subsidy that helps you pay for your insurance also increases.

1. Don’t panic! Covered CA has planned for this change
2. Work with us to look at your options for 2018. The plan you have now may or may not be more expensive to you in 2018. If it is, you have the option to change. The Gold plan may be cheaper than the Silver plans 73,87, or 94 because that plan is not affected by the additional surcharge.

It is all fixable…Don’t jump!…Call us and set up your personal and FREE appointment.

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