Blue Shield Billing….ACTION REQUIRED!!!!!

Don’t get cancelled for Non-Payment!!!! Action Required! Your Individual and Family plan and Medicare Supplement plan automatic billings were cancelled as Blue Shield migrates to a new billing system. Action is required to pay your May bill and re-establish your “Easy Pay” automatic checking account deductions. Here is info from Blue Shield on the topic. […]

3 things to know about retiree coverage before you retire!


3 things to know about retiree health coverage 1. Find out if you can continue your employer coverage after you retire. Generally, when you have retiree coverage from an employer or union, they control this coverage. Employers aren’t required to provide retiree coverage, and they can change benefits or premiums, or even cancel coverage. 2. […]

California Single Payer Bill SB562

Pam Sleeveless

When the single payer bill, SB 562, (Lara/Atkins), was introduced last month, the bill was a really just a short statement which had little information about how the legislation was to be implemented.  Last week, it was amended with more substantial details.  This legislation attempts to promise all healthcare services to be available ”free’ to […]

New Medicare Supplement plan G available in our area

AARP, Anthem, and other carrier are now offering plan G in our area at attractive rates. Everyone loves plan F because of the no deductible, no co-pay structure. What many don’t like is the price. Check in and lets look at the options you may find attractive with Plan G or the Deductible version of […]

Covered CA – Don’t Forget to Report Your Changes

Don’t find out the hard way that you could have had better health insurance or that you have to repay part of your tax credit/Subsidy. Report your changes in household income, address, etc. promptly. If you need help, please call our office and ask one of our benefits specialists to guide you. For more information […]